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Caelyn Gillaspie

Luxury home specialist

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Seattle Homes USA is all about bringing you quality. We want to find you the best possible home that matches your style.


We have been in the business for quite some time and have only been growing our customer base.


If you are looking for that new dream home contact us today and we promise you that we can make that dream become a reality. See you soon!

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3 19 2013

Bellevue home prices rose 1.4% last month, this has been a trend for the past few months and all signs show that it will continue.

1 16 2013

USA Today reported this morning that home prices in the USA are exspected to rise 6% this year. 

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4卧室 3.5浴室: $1,049,000

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4 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

2900 sf


Suburb Houses Available

We have modern homes in those great neighborhoods.


Quality City Apartments

We have excellent quality apartments in downtown!